October 22, 2016 / Wedding destination, Venue, Facilities

An Indian wedding is synonymous to a plethora of colours, an array of holy traditions and a lot of overwhelming emotions. It is a saga which brings together guests of all age groups, from a hand held infant to the young guns to the grannies. And it is only fair that we offer to them, a diverse range of experiences that each and every guest can take back for life.

The number of functions and the back to back binging shouldn't leave guests with a feeling of just getting it over with. In all the excitement and effort that you put into deciding what to wear, which flowers to use, whom to invite and more, it is essential to also keep your guests in mind.

A wedding destination which has something for everyone, isn't that the dream? You can make it happen. Here are some ways you could 'wow' your guests:

  • Treat them to a different culinary experience each time
    Food is an integral part of any wedding, and acts as an important parameter for your guests to decide if they are enjoying the wedding. Experimenting with different cuisines will keep the guests looking forward to the next meal. Complementing the choice of cuisine with the theme of the event works well. Innovative presentation styles can be used, accompanied by different seating styles, from a wide spread buffet to a pangat to a seated dinner, the pick is yours!
  • Play around with different venues and eye catching themes
    An Indian wedding includes a lot of rasams (functions).Pick a destination which offers you various venue optionswithin one roof. Do off with the routine, and charm your guests with a welcome twist in your wedding. How about a rooftop mehendi party instead of a pool deck one? How about a nightclub for the cocktails and sangeet party, which helps you do away with the d├ęcor element? How about an open air venue with a sunset for your pheras? How about a theatric ballroom for your reception? These are just ideas, but you get the drift. There are multiple ways to leave your guests awed. Adding themes to your events gives you the liberty to go as crazy or as subtle as you would like it to be.
  • Offer a taste of the local cuisine and access to nearby shopping and tourist areas
    Make sure you choose a destination which also allows the guests to go sightseeing and visit nearby tourist spots. It is important to ensure that their itinerary gives them the freedom to indulge in little 'me' time. Giving them a guideline as to where to go and what to eat nearby the venue is a great idea!
  • Keep them engaged and entertained
    As much as the wedding is about you, it is also about the people, the people who you value, and the people who will cherish the moments that they spent on your special day. Therefore, it is a must to ensure that there are ways to engage the guests. A coffee shop at the venue to simply unwind, a live performance while they are enjoying their seated dinner, a liquor tasting counter at the Cocktails party, a dance instructor to teach them the moves during Sangeet night are some options you can consider.

A fairy tale wedding is a fantasy for most of us. A little guidance from the wedding specialists and it isn't too far away for you!

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