MAY 10, 2016 / Wedding destination, Venue, Facilities

A wedding is about celebrating the love and lifetime commitment between two people which unites families and friends to form an everlasting bond. It is also about creating fun -filled memories that transcend the boundaries of love and friendship turning it into 'one big happy family'! Planning a wedding can be exhilarating and exhausting at the same time. There a number of items on the check-list and ticking off each item can be quite an intimidating task for the couple.

One of the first steps that lay the foundation for all the wedding planning tasks is the selection of an ideal location! The location serves as a cornerstone in the entire process of wedding planning as it is not only the auspicious choice of place for the scared nuptials but also provides the backdrop for a plethora of ceremonies and rituals. The ambience of the location is also important as that is the setting where the families, friends and guests meet and greet each other for the first time and form new relationships, bonds and memories that last a lifetime.

While zeroing in on a perfect location for not only the wedding but all the festivities leading up to it is the first pre-requisite in the process. Depending on whether it is a large scale destination-wedding concept or a close intimate affair, a location that can house the required number of guests should be selected.

If it is a grand affair with an extensive guest-list, then accommodating the guests also needs to be factored in while selecting the venue. In such a case, a hotel with lavish indoor and outdoor spaces like the Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel would cater to all the necessary preparations and needs and preferences of the guests.

The wedding feast is also an extremely important element during Indian weddings! The food and beverage arrangements need to be planned well in advance to provide guests with the ultimate culinary experience that includes an array of cuisines, buffet counters, live cooking stations, dessert counters, cocktails, customizations and much more.

The availability of different services in the vicinity of the wedding venue, for guests to enjoy at leisure, acts as an added advantage while choosing the location. A rejuvenating spa service, fun activities, outdoor pool, various food & beverage outlets, room-service, get-together brunches, live cooking stations, outdoor lawns, etc could be a few elements that add to the entertainment value of the wedding.

A picturesque location with beautiful views and different types of landscapes provides for various photo-ops for the couple, friends and families thus making your wedding picture perfect at every moment!

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